We are proud to announce that epar sustainability software – Connect 2.0 has achieved a significant milestone. Our system has been mapped for alignment with each of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the relevant SDG logos will appear on each of the epar apps. By utilising our software, you can demonstrate tangible evidence of your impact on the SDGs, enhancing transparency, accountability, and credibility in your sustainability journey.

epar CEO Terry Muir said he felt honoured to help epar clients make visible their commitments to sustainability and inclusivity. ” In a world where consumers and employees are increasingly conscious of the social and environmental footprint of the organisations they engage with, our clients can now leverage epar Connects SDG alignment to differentiate themselves as socially responsible and forward-thinking entities,” Mr Muir said. “This new feature provides our clients with a tangible way to make visible their commitments to a more sustainable and inclusive world.”