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Sustainability Mapping (SMART)

Our Digital SMART Map will visualise all of your onsite sustainability features and works. We can build a digital register that lists and visualises all of your onsite sustainability efforts.

Climate Adaption and Mitigation Planning

Mitigation of the impacts of climate change through reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and adaptation to the risks posed by climate change are two complementary approaches to address climate change. As both mitigation and adaptation address the same cause of impact, our climate experts work in an integrated manner to successfully achieve their respective aims.

Climate Action Plans

A climate action plan is a framework document for measuring, tracking, and reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and adopting climate adaptation measures. Our climate experts can document your footprint and targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and detailed steps for meeting and tracking those targets.

SDG Alignment

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a useful framework created by the United Nations to help guide international and even corporate strategy. We help companies assess the degree to which their activities are aligned with the SDGs, as well as which SDGs are most relevant to their practices.

Climate Risk Scenario Planning

By framing climate risks and opportunities in the context of potential future warming scenarios, our experts can help your business assess the impact of future risks and opportunities arising from climate change.

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