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Constantly innovating to create engaging and compelling EHS solutions.

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Who we are

At epar we all come to work because we want to solve the biggest problems in environment, health and safety management (EHS). We know EHS, we’re obsessively passionate about it, and we’re excited to simplify it for everyone through our technology, our education and our people.

Our Mission:

We create safer, more sustainable work places.

Our Vision:

To provide access to the world’s best environment and safety management solution in one click.

Meet Our Management Team

Our business is made up of real people who love what they do.

Terry Muir
Terry MuirManaging Director
Terry is the epar founder and Managing Director. He holds a Master of Science & Technology and is committed to developing technologies that make businesses the safest and most sustainable they’ve ever been.
Dr Kevin Fletcher
Dr Kevin FletcherPhD
Kevin has served as Executive Director of Audubon International and now heads up epar USA. He also serves as an Assistant Professor at The Sages Colleges School of Management in Albany, New York.
Madeline Felton
Madeline FeltonManager EHS Operations
Madeline is involved in all aspects of epar’s environment, health and safety operations. This includes our Hunter, Central and Mid North Coast customer base and establishing our new Connect 2.0 program in the USA.
Nathan Tovey
Nathan ToveyArea Manager
Nathan covers a wide area delivering customer support services and business development across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. He will also take the lead on our expansion into New Zealand and the Pacific.
Matthew Holmes
Matthew HolmesArea Manager
Matt has responsibility for epar customer support and business development across Queensland and Western Australia. He will also head up epar’s planned expansion into South East Asia.
Liam Hall-Muir
Liam Hall-MuirBusiness Specialist
Liam manages our strategic pursuits in collaboration with our management team assessing customer needs, identifying and nurturing opportunities, and bringing solutions to market.
Phil Myles
Phil MylesWHS Specialist
Phil is a safety specialist and a specialist incident investigator. He holds a Master OHS and his industry experience includes construction, mining, engineering, civil infrastructure, ground engineering, heavy manufacturing, munitions and explosives.

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