epar was selected by IKEA to deliver a climate risk workshop and an interactive Climate Action Role Playing Simulation for senior managers to identify climate risk and actions that would make real impact.

Why Climate Risk Matters
Climate change presents both significant threats and opportunities for every business, and we believe that understanding and managing climate risk is paramount for long-term sustainability.

The IKEA People & Planet Positive Strategy
The IKEA strategy describes the sustainability agenda for the total IKEA value chain. They have set very ambitious sustainability goals and their commitments are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate risk is a critical element of their People and Planet Strategy and as we unpacked climate risk in the seminars, we assessed the IKEA senior management teams’ climate decisions and strategies and the real impact they will have on:

  • Livability and workability.
  • Food systems.
  • Physical assets.
  • Infrastructure services, and
  • Natural capital.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with IKEA senior management, including their CEO, embracing the interactive climate risk role-playing. They assumed roles as representatives of Energy, Agriculture, Government, Climate Activists, Industry and Commerce, and Clean Tech. Rigorous examination of every proposed climate impact action ensured a comprehensive understanding of the potential impacts and allowed the business managers to continue to make well-informed and strategic climate action choices.