Animals Asia has launched its biggest-ever campaign to rescue Vietnam’s last bile bears through their “No Bear Left Behind” rescue program. We are thrilled to announce that epar is supporting No Bear Left Behind, and we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for your support of epar which enables us to donate a part of your fee to this incredible cause. Without our clients, we wouldn’t be able to contribute to such an important mission to rescue the last 300 bile bears in Vietnam.

Most farmed bears are kept in tiny cages that are sometimes so small that the bears are unable to turn around or stand on all fours. Some bears are put into cages as cubs and never released and they can remain caged like this for up to 30 years.

Through their rescue operations, education programs, and advocacy efforts, No Bears Left Behind is working tirelessly to free caged bears (moon bears, but also sun bears and brown bears) and end the practice of bile farming. We are proud to support their efforts and grateful to have the opportunity to be associated with such an impactful organisation.

Once again, we want to express our heartfelt thanks for your support of epar in making this possible. Your support of epar enables Animals Asia to continue its rescue efforts and provide sanctuary for rescued bears where they are able to recover in safety and spend the remaining years of their lives in the company of other bears.

Uno spent 18 years in a cage. Watch the moment he felt the sun for the first time and his paws touched grass for the first time. WATCH VIDEO

And watch how 7 Moon Bears were rescued in 1 minute. WATCH VIDEO