Worker burnt with cooking oil

Worksafe NSW reported a 35-year-old chef was preparing food in the kitchen of a restaurant when he was burned by hot cooking oil.
Another worker was carrying a 20-litre pot of hot cooking oil through the kitchen when the pot slipped from his hand and doused the worker’s trousers in hot oil.
The worker suffered second degree burns to approximately 20% of his body including his back, buttocks, leg and foot.

We encourage you to inform your staff of the need to remain extremely vigilant when working with hot oils and cleaning deep fryers. Use the epar Alerts app to send out and record that this important message has been communicated to your staff.

The epar Safe Work Procedure (SWP) for the operation of a Deep Fryer is available from our Store and we are now developing a SWP specifically for the cleaning of deep fryers and handling deep fryer oil.