What’s new in the epar cloud – Remote sign in and sign out feature to manage and track your contractors.



You can now keep your contractors safe and compliant for next to no cost and with minimal effort thanks to epar’s innovative Contractor Management App in the Connect 2.0 suite of Apps.

When contractors come to your site you must ensure that they have a safe working environment. You must also ensure that the activities of your contractors do not cause harm to others or to the environment. Thanks to the great work of Jerome, Madeline and Beau, the Connect 2.0 Contractor App can now automatically track when contractors arrive and leave site your site! The App will also track where they are on site in case of emergency!

The App will also:

  • pre-qualify your contractors before they come on site;
  • track their insurances and safety requirements to ensure they are current;
  • send automatic reminders when insurances or other documents are due to expire;
  • allow you to send any contractor a compliance quiz or training program to complete before they come on site;
  • allow you to send alerts or information to contractors whilst they are on site;

Knowing that only compliant contractors are used in your workplace before they start work and knowing when they are on site and when they leave site brings peace of mind and enables you to meet your legislative duty of care efficiently and productively.

Connect 2.0 – The EHS program that knows what you need before you need it.