Verification of Competency – Are you qualified to deem your staff competent?

There are legislative requirements that cover the role of assessment and verification of competencies (VOCs) for employees to use plant and equipment and undertake work tasks.

No longer is just holding a certificate or qualification enough for an employer to believe an individual is competent to use equipment or undertake tasks. Greater importance is now on employers to ensure an individual has “current competency”.

Competence can be described as the combination of training, skills, experience and knowledge that a person has and their ability to apply them when using equipment and to perform a task safely.  One question regulators will ask following an incident  is,  ” Who deemed that person competent ?” This will be followed by,  “What qualifications do you have to deem that person competent?”

It is critical that those in your workplace performing assessments on another person’s competency are qualified to conduct the assessment.

ACM Training Services and epar have partnered to provide a training and assessment process that will enable persons to conduct VOC’s. Participants will complete a short online training course in preparation for a one-day  theory and practical assessment session. Participants will be trained in how to develop assessment tools for their own site and learn how to conduct an assessment and to verify the competency of their staff.

On successful completion of the program, you will receive a Statement of Attainment for TAEASS402 Assess Competence unit of competency. This is a valuable credential. It will give you something that no one else in your business has, it adds to your skill set, and most certainly increases your worth to the business.

If you are considering undertaking any training this year we recommend you make VOC a priority.

We are planning courses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne late May and into June this year. The cost is $385.00 per person and if you would like more information simply email [email protected] as places are limited to 20 in each State.