Sustainability Map is now “Live” and Free in Connect 2.0

Our free gift to our Connect 2.0 customers

It has been our pleasure to work with the early adopters of our ground-breaking Connect 2.0 EHS program. Overnight, our IT team has uploaded a free app into every 2.0 account as a show of our appreciation. It is a mapping app that will provide a visual representation of the environment and safety values on your work site. We can’t be more excited about this app and how it will enhance every customers sustainability profile.

The app provides an incredibly rich way to visually experience the environment and safety values on your property allowing you to engage with your stakeholders in new ways.

We all know that our customers are doing good things when it comes to environment and safety – now for the first time they can showcase those efforts on the map of their site. We call it the Site Values App and it is now “live” in every Connect 2.0 account.

The launch of the app is part of our ongoing product evolution program for Connect 2.0 and in the next two weeks we look forward to providing our customers another free gift when we release our job planner and job board app.