Stand-Up Talk Pack 1 is ready to go.

It’s time to get your Stand-Up Talk Pack 1.

The 4 epar Stand-Up Meeting Talks, the Guide, and the poster that make up Pack 1 of our initiative to provide our customers with 50 Stand Up Talk documents, is ready to go.

Help us celebrate the release of our Connect 2.0 platform by making sure you receive these free packs every month over the next 12 months. Simply send us your preferred email address to receive the packs.

It’s our way of saying thank you to our customers for supporting us in the development of our Connect 2.0 environment, health and safety program.

Connect 2.0 is epar’s 5th compliance platform and every one of them has shone in their own way. In Connect 2.0 we have changed the face of EHS management and this cloud based app rich platform is already making unprecedented contributions to the way in which organisations function. It allows them to gather vast amounts of information, find both the tools and content they need to get a collaborative EHS task done, and experience the latest and most innovative technologies in the field… and all without heavy investment.

The epar team wants to let all our customers know that their support is appreciated and that it has certainly contributed to our success. We want to thank them and we hope they enjoy our Stand Up Talk Packs. We have a library of over 150 talks and we encourage all our customers to make suggestions to us on the subjects or issues they would like to see addressed in packs 2 through to pack 12.