Our Game Plan for 2021

Last year, the EHS engagement by our customers was first class. As a result, we reached an 18 year milestone without an epar customer being prosecuted for any environment or safety issue. That makes us really proud! Thank you. Now we want to share our game plan with you to continue that trend.

The new year is here and EHS is top of mind for our customers and we have lots to look forward to in 2021. So with that in mind, I have listed 10 strategies we have worked on to help you thrive in 2021. This is a taster of what you will see over the coming weeks and months as we roll out multiple EHS solutions and expanded digital offerings that include:-

• EHS Performance Reports App 2.0;
• Our standalone Chemical Management System App;
• Our standalone Sustainability Mapping (S.M.A.R.T App);
• Connect Lite 2021;
• Launching the epar online Store;
• Extending our successful Team Stand-Up Talks program;
• Releasing a “Working on Steep Slopes” EHS Pack;
• Releasing a “Chemical Risk Assessment Documents Kit”;
• A sports turf sustainability and climate change project with UNSW;
• An exciting international certification partnership announcement (watch this space).

Despite the ravages of the pandemic, we start 2021 with hope and well-founded optimism and we look forward to providing the complete EHS experience by further streamlining and automating EHS processes that are core to your business. Because while it is a good thing to survive a year, it is an even better thing to thrive in it.

Now it’s your turn. What would you most like to see from epar in 2021? If you have any suggestions or ideas we want to know. Please drop us an email to [email protected] or leave a message on our EHS Support Hotline 1300 471 175.