Golf course worker rolls machine – no seat belt.

A worker rolled a front end loader and was not wearing a seat belt. He was lucky and was not seriously injured. Worksafe is investigating. In response, epar has developed a SWP (Safe Work Procedure) for the operation of a Front End Loader and we will be sending it out to all of our clients next week. If you would like the SWP urgently, just email [email protected] and we will send it to you.

Some common myths about wearing seat belts include:

Myth: It’s safer to jump free of a crash than be restricted by wearing a seat belt.

Fact: You have a 50% better chance of surviving a potentially fatal crash if wearing a seat belt.

Myth: I can hold on to the steering wheel in a crash.

Fact: The forces involved in a crash are massive and only a seat belt is strong enough to hold you in your seat.

Myth: I’d rather be thrown clear in a crash.

Fact: Being thrown safely clear in a crash is almost impossible. The idea of being thrown from a vehicle and gently landing in a grassy area is pure fantasy. Your best bet in a crash is to stay inside the vehicle, securely held by your seat belt.