Free online Training Courses in Connect 2.0

epar has been building a library of over  200 online training courses ready to go into our new Training Academy app in the Connect 2.0 compliance ecosystem.

To celebrate, we’re giving our clients free access to some important courses. They include PPE, Leadership and Influence, Understanding Body Language.

In May, we will be uploading over 20 Modules covering these training courses at no cost for our Connect 2.0 users.

  • Course 1 is PPE
  • Course 2 is Leadership and Influence
  • Course 3 is Understanding Body Language

Our new Training Academy app is no doubt a huge cost saver for our clients being easy on the pocket, but it is also flexible and accessible, convenient and engaging, allowing your team to train when it suits you.

We want to thank the many Superintendents that made training course suggestions. You spoke, we listened and we welcome all suggestions concerning online training courses you would like to see in our Training Academy app.

To register for the free training programs simply email [email protected] or call Terry on + 61 412 294514.