Free Online Leadership and Influence Course in Connect 2.0

What is Leadership? What makes a good leader? Do I want to progress to more formal qualifications? epar Connect 2.0 customers can find out with this free short online leadership course that we are uploading into our Training Academy app this week. This thought-provoking course has 10 short modules that you can complete in your own time. You will discover more about yourself and your team and it will also help you decide if you want to, or need to, progress to tertiary leadership qualifications or other training before spending any money.

Module 1:   The Evolution of Leadership

Module 2:   Situational Leadership          

Module 3:   A Personal Inventory

Module 4:   Modelling the Way     

Module 5:   Inspiring a Shared Vision

Module 6:   Challenging the Process       

Module 7:   Enabling Others to Act          

Module 8:   Encouraging Growth in Others

Module 9:   Basic Influencing Skills          

Module 10: Setting Goals