Free COVID-19 Team Stand Up Talks as epar Stand Up Talks reach important milestone.

epar Stand Up Talks Milestone – Over 11,500 talks have been delivered across our membership!

Every month since April 2019, epar has been producing environment, health and safety Stand UP Talk documents for our customers to convey critical information to their teams. We are so proud and excited that 11,520 team talks have been delivered across the epar customer base. That means, on average, almost 1,000 (960) environment, health and safety team talks are held every month discussing information that ranges from Slips Trips Falls to PPE to Workplace Injury Costs to Sustainability.

Since January this year we have devoted significant resources to developing and delivering COVID-19 Team Talks and special thanks must go to Dr Janet Hall and Phil Myles for their expertise and advice.  We recognise that COVID-19 is impacting everyone and to support all businesses and workers during this challenging time, we will be providing our COVID-19 suite of Team Stand Up Talks free. The following links show examples of two of our Stand UP Talks.

Anxiety and COVID-19

Social Distancing

Our COVID-19 range of documents is now complimentary and if you would like to receive them simply send us an email. Stay Safe. EMAIL FOR EPAR DOCUMENTS