epar Connect V2 is Alive!

After 12 extremely busy months, Connect V2 is finally here! Completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up, V2 now boasts enterprise grade architecture and performance running on AWS cloud services. We have been compiling all of the feedback from our customers using the Connect V1 app, and rolled all of those enhancements into V2, and much, much more.

Connect V2 has been designed to make a complex problem for many organisations (EHS management) into a simple and even fun experience. True dinks.. We have had one of our pilot sites say that the equipment training / competency process was very practical and fun to use. The core experience of V2 is the integrated task framework. All EHS activities are captured and assigned to users as tasks (something which needs to be done). It’s as easy as checking your task inbox and working through your tasks one by one, much like processing your email.

One of the biggest improvements which will be appreciated by many is the simple and intuitive site navigation. We received a lot of feedback that V1 was somewhat difficult to navigate and find what you are looking for. We have improved this with a more conventional navigation menu and a breadcrumb above the page title. The breadcrumb menu shows you where you are in the system at all times and what path you took to get there. No more getting lost! Documents are also much easier to find now with a search based architecture, consisting of search input, and a single list of documents displayed in alphabetical order.

The feature set is similar to V1, however each feature has been redesigned and enhanced to optimise the user experience. Features in V2 include;

  • Reporting dashboard

  • Integrated task framework

  • Account administration

  • User management

  • Workgroups and group profiles

  • Chemical product inventory & SDS management

  • Chemical application records and planning tools

  • Document management, assignment & review

  • Equipment inventory

  • Equipment training and competency

  • Hazard reporting and assessment

  • Incident reporting and investigation

  • Workplace inspections, audits and process quality control

  • Integrated risk register linked to live risk profile charts

That’s just what we have at the moment, in the coming months we will be introducing some very cool things such as;

  • Online training academy

  • Qualifications management

  • Contractor management

  • GIS (mapping) integrations

  • Native applications

If you want to know more about V2 or are keen to have a look, get in touch! We’d be happy to give you a demo.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

Andrew Carters
Product Manager – epar Connect