Chemical Incident – Potentially serious outcome avoided.

Today, a Superintendent collected a pesticide from the chemical store. As he walked from the store he shook the container in preparation for mixing. Unfortunately, the previous user did not replace the lid tightly, the lid came off, and the product splashed over the Superintendent. He was not wearing PPE. Luckily, an emergency shower was nearby, he was trained in its use, and he found his way to the shower where he was able to drench himself and he was not seriously injured. He was able to access the Safety Data Sheet and follow the clean up and response protocols. Remember, incidents are not planned and we can all learn from this one. Some take home messages:  Wear your PPE when handling chemicals; Never assume lids are replaced properly; Ensure SDS’s are available and up to date (less than 5 years old); Ensure you have access to an emergency shower and eyewash; Regularly test your emergency shower; Test your emergency response capability at least annually; Are your spill kits appropriate to manage spills; Are your spill kits easily accessible; Do your staff know how to use the spill kits?