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I am proud to be the founder and Managing Director of the award winning epar Pty Ltd and e-par USA LLC. We're on a mission to transform the way businesses engage with their teams and their environment to produce safer more sustainable operations.

Chainsaws Hurt


At 9 am this morning in Sydney, a worker  was cut in the neck with a chainsaw. It is understood

Chainsaws Hurt2021-06-02T15:13:14+10:00

Worker burnt with cooking oil


Worksafe NSW reported a 35-year-old chef was preparing food in the kitchen of a restaurant when he was burned by

Worker burnt with cooking oil2021-01-07T13:31:31+11:00

The Dangers of Lawn Mowing


Movies like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea may have impacted your perceptions of the beach, but the likelihood of being

The Dangers of Lawn Mowing2021-01-07T10:46:44+11:00

Our Game Plan for 2021


Last year, the EHS engagement by our customers was first class. As a result, we reached an 18 year milestone

Our Game Plan for 20212021-01-05T09:42:06+11:00