August EHS Stand-Up Talks Ready to Go

The August Stand Up Talks will be sent to our customers the week starting Monday 5 August. This months talks focus on 4 significant issues;

  1. The costs of a workplace injury. – As one boss said to his team, “Don’t try to save me money! Don’t try to help me out by cutting corners and taking risks. The hours you may save me, will cost me in the end when you get hurt.”
  2. The value of conducting regular EHS site inspections.- Nobody wants to be the one to make that telephone call to a family following a workplace incident.  Regular inspections can help you identify and log hazards so that no one is ever required to make that telephone call.
  3. Struck-By-Objects. – Falling, Flying, Swinging and Rolling objects in the workplace can cause death and serious injury. Every team must talk about these hazards.
  4. Let’s Reinforce Chemical Safety. – Let’s reinforce workers responsibilities when handling chemicals.