50 Free Toolbox Talk Documents, Poster, and Guide.

All epar customers will be receiving notification next week to register their preferred email to receive our series of free Toolbox Talks.  To celebrate the imminent launch of the epar online store www.eparstore.com and our new Connect 2.0 program and its amazing Instant Alert feature that electronically communicates a hazard or a safety tip instantly to your team, we are sending out packs of Toolbox Talks to all of our customers. Every month for the next 12 months, we will be sending you a pack of 4 documents so that you can deliver an environment and safety meeting each week to your team. Over the year, we will be providing you with 50 free documents. We prefer to use the term “Stand-Up Meeting” rather than Toolbox and we will also be providing you a poster to display in the workplace on the simple rules to be followed by your team for each of your Stand-Up Meetings and a Guide on how to get the most out of your Stand-Up Meetings.

The first pack will contain your Stand-Up Meeting Poster for you to print and display in the workplace, your Guide, and the following 4 Stand-Up Meeting documents:

1.       Seat Belt Safety

2.       Slips Trips and Falls

3.       Eye Protection

4.       Why environment and safety incidents occur

We are asking all of our customers to confirm their contact details, or the email of the staff member they would like us to send their Stand-Up Meeting Packs to, and we will add that information to the database to ensure you receive your monthly packs.