48 Hours to the release of our Stand Up Meeting Packs

With less than 48 hours before the release of our first Stand-Up Meeting Packs, we want you to let us know the email address you would like us to send your pack to. Your first pack includes the epar Stand Up Meeting Guide, a poster for your workplace, and four of our Stand Up Talks – Seat-belts; Slips Trips and Falls; Eye Protection; Why Environment and Safety Incidents Occur. Over the next 12 months we will be sending out a pack each month to our customers as we celebrate the launch of our new Connect 2.0 EHS platform.

How often have you heard the term – Just Toolbox it! As the name suggests, the ‘Toolbox Talk’ first started with people chatting while sitting around their toolboxes. Like a lot of things in environment and safety, I’m sure it started as a good idea. But now they have become more about telling and giving directives. They have become less interactive and they limit the opportunities of attendees to express their views and engage.

Nobody wants what we call a “telling culture” with managers, driven by their need to control chaos and uncertainty, taking on a role as a persecutor as a way to micromanage and keep control of any situation. The positive alternative that epar recommends is to create an “Enquiry Culture” in your team based upon asking rather than telling. Whilst telling implies only the boss “knows” and the other person does not, asking is interested in multiple perspectives and genuinely wants to understand and communicate. That is why we have developed our own suite of EHS team talks that we call – epar Stand-Up Talks. They have been designed by industry experts to facilitate professional engagement in environment, health and safety conversations.

Why did we call them Stand-Up Talks? We asked ourselves – What do epar customers stand for? They stand for safety, for sustainability, and for best practice. Hence the term – Stand-Up Talk because our customers stand-up for things that matter.

We are excited about providing our Stand-Up Talk packs and helping you transition from the old ways of a “Telling Culture” to an “Enquiry Culture.”  Just drop us a short email and we will ensure you receive your free pack this week.