epar Platinum Service Desk

We are excited to announce that epar Platinum members will soon be able to access the Atlassian powered epar Platinum Service Desk!

Ok great, but what does this mean? The epar Platinum Service desk will replace the existing User Guide and enable a more responsive search, to find the information you need faster. For example, if you want to know how to complete an Inspection, just click the ? icon in the epar Platinum interface – which will take you directly to the Service Desk – and type “Inspection” in the search bar. You will then be presented with a list of how to articles related to your search from the epar Platinum Knowledge Base.

The service desk also has built in support features that let you communicate directly with our support team regarding any queries you may have. Need technical support? Found a bug? Want to give us feedback? Just head to the epar Platinum Service Desk and raise a request.

The epar Platinum Service Desk will be live later this week. Just click on the (?) help link in the app. Enjoy!

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