Management Systems

Initial Review Process

One of our environment and safety experts come to your site and conduct an Initial Compliance Review of your facility and operations. This initial review helps us to learn about your organisation, your facility and your specific requirements. We use this detailed information to develop your custom and comprehensive management systems designed specifically for your organisational requirements.

Implementation Analysis

To ensure your systems remain effective, one of our environment and safety experts come to your site annually to conduct a systems implementation review and coaching session. The annual review analyses the implementation of your systems, defines your progress, evaluates key compliance aspects of your operations and provides improvement targets to ensure that continual improvement processes are in place and effective.

Safety Management

The epar Safety Management System (SMS) is an industry leading management system which has been designed in accordance with the Australian Standard of Safety Management Systems, AS4801:2001. The layout and design of the management system is comprehensive and practical to ensure you are effectively meeting your workplace safety obligations.

Environmental Management

The epar Environmental Management System (EMS) is an award winning system which conforms to the International Standard of Environmental Management Systems, ISO14001:2004. The layout and design of the management system is comprehensive and practical to ensure you are effectively meeting your environmental obligations.

Emergency Management

The epar Emergency Management Plan (EMP) is a comprehensive approach to managing emergencies at your facility. Developed in accordance with AS3745:2010 – Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, the EMP is custom designed to suit your facility, and cover all potential emergencies which could affect your organisation. The EMP provides guidance and structure for your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to help them prepare and respond in and emergency situation.

Standard Operating Procedures

The epar Standard Operating Procedures are designed specifically for your facility and operations, and come complete with training registers for ease of implementation. The epar SOP Folder streamlines the staff training process of critical procedures and provides easily accessible staff training records for managing compliance obligations.

Safety Data Sheet Management

Keeping track of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all of your hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods can be time consuming and costly for your organisation. epar SDS Management takes care of this burden by providing 3 printed sets of all current SDS in folders to be located at key areas of your facility for easy access. We keep track of when the SDS expires and send you updates whenever they occur, and we also review your inventory annually to ensure your register is up to date and comprehensive.

Plant & Equipment Competency

The epar Plant Training Register is an effective tool for the guidance and documentation of operator competency for all machinery and equipment at your facility. The Register is custom designed for your facility, listing all of your hazardous Plant & Equipment, and guides you through the competency assessment process for each item of Plant.

Compliance Inspections

Regular Compliance Inspections ensure your facility is continually monitored to ensure hazards are identified and controlled before problems arise. We design compliance inspections for your facility based on your operational requirements and the relevant environmental and safety obligations. We also provide the option of hard-copy and online inspections based on your preferences.


MySystem is a simple to use web based tool used for storing your epar compliance documentation and facilitates online inspections for your facility. Keep your compliance information safe and organised in an online environment which is readily available, fast and secure.

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