epar Platinum Inspections Update

We are currently working on some updates to improve and simplify the functionality around creating, assigning and completing inspections in the epar Platinum software tool. There have been some significant changes to how inspections are accessed, which is no longer from the User Dashboard. Inspections will now be accessed from the Dashboard Menu, where you can “Add a New Inspection” or access your “My Saved Inspections”, similar to functionality with Hazard Reports and other features in the Dashboard Menu. There have been a few other changes, which are outlined in more detail below.

Turning on Inspections

As the inspections tab will be moved from the User Dashboard to the Dashboard Menu, to give a user access to inspections, you will have to enable this feature in Category Manager. Simply go to Admin Menu – Category Manager – Edit Worker Types and select a Worker Type. Here you just select Inspections in the list of Dashboard Menu features and all users with that particular Worker type will then be able to access inspections.

Creating & Assigning Inspections

We have separated the process of creating and assigning inspections so now you can just add a new inspection, set the inspection frequency, set the inspection type, add your questions and custom responses, and save. To assign the inspection, you will  now go to “Assign Inspections” where you can select the inspection you wish to assign, then select the users, and save. The user will then receive an email notification that they have been requested to complete an inspection. If the inspection is set to a specific frequency, such as “Weekly”, the user will get a reminder email notification when that inspection is due. For example; if a Weekly inspection was assigned to a user on a Friday, then every Friday, the user will get an email notification from epar Platinum to say that the “Weekly Inspection is due”. If you want an inspection to be unassigned (removing the ability for a user to complete a specific inspection) you will now go to “Assigned Inspections”, select the user, and remove the inspection from their list. This action will stop any reminder emails associated with the inspection, and remove the inspection from the users list of “available inspections”.

Completing an Inspection

To complete an inspection, you will now go to Dashboard Menu – Inspections and “Add New Inspection”. Here you can select an inspection to do (from the list of inspections you have been assigned), then select the date of inspection, and select next. Here you will complete your question responses as per normal, and you will be able to either save or submit your inspection. Selecting save will save your inspection in “My Saved Inspections” which is accessible just below “Add New Inspection”. If you have completed your inspection and select submit, a PDF record of the completed inspection will be created and saved in “Completed Inspections” which is accessed through Inspection Manager in the Admin Menu. When an inspection has been completed and a user selects submit, the Group Admin and Account Admin users in that account will receive an email notification from epar Platinum to inform them that the inspection has been completed. This new functionality allows a user to do an inspection whenever they wish, or as many times as they want to.

The epar Platinum Inspections update is in the final stages of testing and should be live within the next few days. We are looking forward to extending the current functionality in inspections and simplifying some of the features for our users. For more information on the update, feel free to contact us.


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