epar Platinum Information Manager Update

You asked and we listened! We have had plenty of feedback from the industry in regard to how documents are accessed, assigned and managed in our epar Platinum software tool. We have now integrated Information Manager and System Documents. Now when you access Information Manager, you will see all of your System Document buttons in the right pane, which you can use to find and assign information directly.

New Document Sections

With this update we have revised the document section layout and provided some new sections to store and access specific documentation. The new layout promotes more evenly distributed documents within the system and provides a specific area for Audits & Improvements, and Best Management Practices.

Information Records

This update also includes the addition of Information Records which are created whenever a staff member reviews a document which has been assigned to them. Previously, this data was accessible only through reporting features, but we now provide a separate section to access the formal pdf records, complete with agreement statement and staff member’s signature. We have extended this functionality to include agreement statements and staff signatures for several other records in epar Connect such as Plant Competency Assessment records, Induction records, Group Training records, etc.

Accessing the new updates

The epar Platinum Information Manager Update is in the final stages of development and testing and should be live and functional within the next week or two. After the updates are live, when you next access your account, you will be able to see the changes.

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