epar Platinum Incident Categories Update

The epar Platinum Incident Categories update will add new functionality to Incident Manager, giving the user more options when categorising incidents. Some incidents which may happen, do not always fit within the “safety, environment or integrated” categories which are currently provided. Similarly, it may be confusing when a user selects an “environment” incident type, then has to pick either “injury or near-miss” which may not be applicable for that type of incident. This new update will allow the user to create any number of incident categories and related subcategories to ensure incidents are properly defined and organised within the system.

Custom Incident Categories

Similar to functionality in Hazard Manager for “hazard types” this update provides the ability to add custom incident “categories”, and takes one step further by providing “subcategories” for each category. These options will cascade within the Incident Report form when a particular category is selected. Cascading within the form is where you pick one option in a drop down menu, then depending on your selection, you will be presented with a another set of options, related to the first option.

For example, you may have “environment” as a category, and you will now be able select from custom subcategories such as “Waste”, “Flora”, “Water Pollution” etc.

With the epar Platinum Incident Categories update we are also extending the reporting capabilities to report on categories and subcategories. This will allow you to track your incident rates based on your custom categories and subcategories. You will also notice that the Incident Report form will change slightly to incorporate the updates – Incident “Type” will now be “Incident Category” and “Injury / Near Miss” field will now be “Incident Subcategory”.

Accessing the new updates

The epar Platinum Incident Categories Update is in the final stages of development and testing and should be live and functional within the next week or two. After the updates are live, when you next access your account, you will be able to see the changes.

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