epar Connect

epar Connect

epar Connect is a recent addition to the suite of solutions we have designed for the sports turf and recreation industry. Web-based and highly adaptable, epar Connect is the future in compliance management systems.

For detailed information on features and functionality in epar Connect, see the epar Connect User Guide

The key benefits of epar Connect include;

  • Highly adaptable to suit any organisational structure
  • Capable of managing multiple sites and operational departments
  • Complete administrative control for your organisation
  • Reporting functionality across all elements of the system
  • Intuitive user dashboard interface
  • Instantly report hazards & incidents (with photos) from any mobile device
  • Manage your Plant & Equipment Maintenance Schedules, Asset Value and Staff Competency
  • Keep track of training courses and certificate expiry dates
  • Responsively designed to be used across all devices
  • Fast, secure and reliable

Contact epar today to find out how epar Connect can improve & simplify compliance management processes for your business. For more on how we manage your information & data see our Privacy Policy here.

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