Facility Design

epar are specialists in the compliant design of sports turf maintenance facilities. We understand the legal requirements of how a maintenance facility needs to be designed in order to meet and exceed environmental and workplace safety legislative requirements. Taking into consideration Hazardous & Dangerous Goods, separation distances, emergency planning and practical functionality, we can design your new facility or redesign aspects of your current facility. From concept plans to detailed design and liason with your local council, epar can provide fully compliant plans ready for you to build your new facility.


Managing Director

With more than twenty years’ experience in compliance management systems, Terry is a leading authority in sports turf and recreation environment and safety compliance and best practice. Taking epar to the international stage, Terry is driving epar’s expansion into the US with New York based eparUSA CEO Kevin. If Terry is not ferrying his two boys to surf carnivals across the country he is coaching local rugby union or cheering on his beloved St George Dragons.



Kevin has spent his career working and studying business and environmental sustainability and has been a driving force behind eparUSA. Kevin’s specialty is using ‘natural capitalism’ to ensure businesses are not only protecting and conserving the environment but also their bottom line. A sports nut also, Kevin is either running his kids to swim meets, practice or watching a game when he gets the chance. Fun: Everything I do I do because it's fun--otherwise, why do any of it right? Food: Seafood
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